Mission Tails 2016 Rescues Photos

What a year 2016 has already been for our OBP: Worldwide program! Since January, we have been able to rescue 11 dogs and 10 cats for U.S. Military and American citizens serving in some very challenging areas of the world. And that’s not all; we have 10 more who are currently awaiting rescue as well, all thanks to your support. Here are just a few of these rescues. We know if they could speak, they would say a big thank you to you as well!

1 eNews Dushka.jpg

Dushka – In a remote area of war torn Iraq, this little pup escaped her otherwise horrible fate and won the heart of a brave veteran fighting ISIS on the front lines. 

2 eNews Evi Kuwait.jpg

Evi – The enormous support that poured out for this sweet dog that found her way onto base and into the life of one very special Soldier deployed in Kuwait was simply heartwarming!

3 eNews Marcus.jpg

Marcus – When this docile cat began visiting the U.S. Base Camp in Kuwait, the Soldier who found him never imagined that her life would be forever changed. The two formed an unimaginable bond during her evening shifts when he would come and cuddle onto her lap.

4 eNews Mini Me and Blackie Iraq.jpg

Mini Me and Blackie – There was no resisting this adorable duo who were only just born and left to fend for themselves on the streets of Erbil in Iraq when one lovely U.S. Soldier found them and cared for them until they were able to be transported to her family in the U.S.

5 eNews Mowgli Kuwait.jpg

Mowgli – This friendly cat used to hang out the Ali Al Salam Air Base chow hall in Kuwait hoping to find some leftover table scraps. It wasn’t until one night last fall that a kind Soldier reached out to pet him and although he seemed hesitant at first, he warmed up to her several months later by showing up at her dorm each morning and even walking her across base. Sometimes he would even escort her to dinner and wait outside until she was done!

6 eNews Ollie Iraq.jpg

Ollie – When a young pup was in danger of being destroyed by animal control near Taji Base Camp in Iraq, a few Soldiers took it in their own hands to offer him a place to stay until they could figure out how to get him to the U.S. After several weeks, he became the morale booster for the Soldiers and when they were informed that they only had 48 hours to get him out, our team rushed to his rescue.  He now lives the happiest life in the U.S. with one of the Soldiers who stole her heart.

7 eNews Savage Jordan.jpg

Savage – This adorable little ball of fur escaped what could have been a terrible attack by two stray adult dogs when a bunch of heroic reservists came to his rescue and brought him to base in Jordan. All it took was one meeting by a Marine later that day and the bond was formed. It wasn’t long before we could get him to safety and bring home where they reunited just a couple of weeks ago in the U.S.!

9 eNews Tucker Kosovo.jpgTucker – When a U.S. Contractor and his fiancé noticed a small puppy sitting all by himself for 3 consecutive days at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, they knew they had to come to his aid. This poor little guy was orphaned and had no idea how to fend for himself, so they called him Tucker and brought him home to where they were living. Now this puppy that has a personality larger than life is enjoying his days in the U.S. with his family that came to his rescue!

9a eNews Brew Kosovo.jpg

Brew – Brew melted all of our hearts in an instant. After being hit by a car and shot in the abdomen, this little beauty of a dog found refuge in a trash bin at a local gas station in Kosovo. For 6 months a Soldier visited and fed her at night because she was too afraid to come out during the day. Her injuries were quite severe, requiring an amputation of her front paw, but her spirit was never broken thanks to the love and care of the kindhearted Sargent that saved her life.

These are just a few of the happy “tails’ we get to share with you because of your generous support. Thank you being part of our OBP: Worldwide team, thank you for coming to their rescue!