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Soldier Adopts Puppy From Iraq

U.S. Army veteran and international detachment fighter, Ken Wyrsch, befriended a puppy named Oliver while on the frontlines of the fight against ISIS. Ken contacted SPCA International for help getting Oliver out of Iraq when his time there came to an end. Mission impossible is now a mission complete and the local San Francisco news was there yesterday to catch their reunion on film!

Here's what Ken had to say a few hours after Oliver arrived:

"Oliver was so hungry and thirsty…he wouldn't eat or drink until later tonight. He was too excited. The neighbors dogs and him ran back and forth between houses across the street. We went to the park. Super scared at first then next thing you knew he had a following. Ran a pack….He's hugged me (and I mean he squeezes his hugs) a million times. He grabbed me with his mouth when he saw me. It was great. Thank you So So much!"

Local News Coverage

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