Veterinary Supply Aid: Providing Essential Equipment to Remote Areas

by: Emma Koeniger Veterinary medicine is an important part of pet ownership; it provides your furry friend with the essential vaccinations and preventative care so that they can live a happy and healthy life. In the United States we are used to having pertinent medications, preventatives and procedures at our disposal. It would be out of the norm to walk into a clinic and find that they do not have rabies vaccines or the supplies needed to perform a routine spay/neuter. However this scenario is all too common in less developed parts of the world. My dog Kuma’s annual exam included vaccines (Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella and Leptospirosis), a fecal parasite screen and Heartworm/tick borne disease test; the total cost at a New York City clinic was $594.35. However in countries like Romania, Tanzania, Guatemala this routine care is not affordable, not only based on the cost that I had to pay but also it can be impossible to find or buy what we consider basic veterinary supplies in remote locations internationally. Through our Veterinary Supply Aid program we have been able to bring lifesaving medications and supplies to these clinics in desperate need for a fraction of the cost and alleviating their need to pay an import fee. In turn they are able to bring essential care to the people and animals of these remote areas and freeing up their own funds to improve their shelters, clinics and sometimes hire staff. Dr. Kahema, the Executive Director of Tanzania Animal Welfare Society recently sent us a letter about the Veterinary Supply Aid he received in Tanzania;
“Thank you very much for helping our veterinary clinics. Just returned yesterday from Dodoma and our team is still working there. We will be going to help the dogs at St. Augustine very soon and we will send you the report of the work. We are real very grateful for this big help and we are sure to reach many displaced animals and the animals in Mwanza. Our team always talks about you and SPCAI as you are pillar of Tanzania Animal Welfare Society and we are so much encouraged and motivated to work with you and we will reach many suffering animals in various parts of Tanzania this year of 2016.”
We endeavor to help more organizations like TAWESO so that the veterinary care that is essential and so readily available to us in the United States can be available for everyone and every animal no matter where in the world they are.