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January: Walk Your Pet Month

A commitment to pet walking seems particularly important this January as COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives. Recognizing Walk Your Pet Month doesn’t take much, as simply taking a trip around the block will make humans and furry friends feel better.

A few things to keep in mind for winter walking

  • Know your route: A few minutes in cold weather is usually ok for people and pets, but inadvertently taking longer than planned can leave everyone cold and uncomfortable. Plan your route ahead of time so you can get home before fingers and paws start to freeze!
  • Wear proper attire: Winter gear like gloves, a hat, and an insulated coat are important for people, but pets also might need help staying warm. Consider a sweater or coat for short-haired animals. Even if your pet has plenty of fur, they may benefit from booties to keep their paws safe from ice and packed snow. 
  • Consider daylight: If you are just starting a winter walking routine, keep in mind that daylight ends early this time of year. As the sun sets, temperatures drop, meaning what begins as a pleasant stroll can quickly become a chilly, dark trek. Morning and midday walks are likely the best choice, ensuring you stay safe and get the maximum amount of vitamin D.

With short days, cold temperatures and COVID-19 restrictions, this winter might feel like a good time to stay inside, but the benefits of a daily walk with a furry pal are undeniable. Pet walking is a great way to exercise and a wonderful excuse to spend socially distanced time with a friend.

Happy walking from all of us at SPCA International. We’ll be taking our pets around the block and hope you will too!