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The Longest Ride Home

Amidst COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, a loving family had to leave their dogs, Patches and Flower, behind in Malawi when they moved to Uganda. They were absolutely heartbroken, but our friends at TAWESO (Tanzania Animal Welfare Society) were able to come to their rescue.  

Tanzania lies between Malawi and Uganda, so the team from TAWESO picked up the dogs in the South of Tanzania. They traveled for three days (and 2,000 kilometers) to safely deliver the dogs to the northern border with Uganda. From there, the dogs were reunited with their delighted family.

The wonderful people at TAWESO didn’t even know the dogs’ family before volunteering to help. We are thrilled that TAWESO was able to use the truck they purchased with support from SPCA International to make this long trek across the country.

TAWESO’s mission is to keep animals safe and healthy in Tanzania, but they truly went above and beyond by sharing their resources to make sure Patches and Flower made it to their new home safely. This is an incredible example of the type of collaboration we have seen throughout the pandemic. Animal welfare groups across the globe have stepped up to help animals in any way they can.  

Patches and Flower reunited with their family!
Image courtesy of TAWESO