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Elena’s Incredible Recovery

Thanks to an outpouring of support from the SPCA International community, Elena has made a remarkable recovery. Donations from many generous people were rushed to Elena’s caregivers, allowing them to give her the constant care and attention she needed to survive.

Before her rescue, Elena suffered as no animal ever should. After being kept on a short chain for many months, she was thrown out to fend for herself. Always hungry, she searched the streets for food. Elena approached locals, looking for a kind gesture, and was often met with painful kicks and stones.

Then, someone horrifically set fire to Elena and her pups. Tragically, only Elena survived the attack. She was found starving, burned and barely alive. She mourned the loss of her babies and had little will to live.

Today, Elena is confident, playful and trusting. Her hair is growing back, she is healthy, and amazingly, she still loves people. Elena is ready for a new life with a family that will love and care for her in the ways that she has always deserved.

If you want to give Elena a loving home, please visit SPCA International’s adoption page.