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Feeding Stations for the Dogs of Chernobyl

The Dogs of Chernobyl were left abandoned for generations after the 1986 nuclear disaster. But that changed when SPCA International partner organization Clean Futures Fund stepped in 2017.

Hundreds of puppies were being born each year, but most of them died quickly from hunger, thirst, and predators. Since 2017, we have sterilized hundreds of dogs in the area and the birth rate has dropped significantly. Now, dogs are living healthier and longer.

In 2019, we learned that many of the workers who had been feeding the dogs on a daily basis would not be returning to the plant. So, since September 2019, Clean Futures Fund has been making daily rounds to distribute food to the 700+ dogs in the Nuclear Exclusion Zone.

Regular feeding locations are in areas where dogs congregate. The feeding stations are also in areas with humans. This means there are fewer predators threatening the safety of the dogs. For now, food is simply being distributed in small piles on the ground, but dogs are looking healthy.

Consistent feeding at known locations is helping the dogs build trust in humans. It gives Clean Futures Fund representatives the chance to treat injured dogs and monitor dogs that are pregnant.

In 2020, SPCA International and Clean Futures Fund have big plans to make the feeding stations even better. We are working with the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the Exclusion Zone Management Agency to install sturdy feeding troughs and solar-powered water stations that will keep water from freezing.