ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.

Saving Wildfire Victims

As you know there has been an overwhelming amount of heartbreak over the last month in Australia. But we are working with partners on the ground to rescue and rehabilitate any animals we can find in need of help. Hundreds of Joeys have been left orphaned — we believe their mothers fled for their lives and most likely perished in the bushfires. Many of the orphaned Joeys are found starving and dehydrated with badly burned paws.

Yet through the devastation, we are seeing hope. Rescues like Clover, in the video above, are helping us to stay positive. To see that we can make a difference even in the wake of such destruction, gives us hope. We want Clover to give you hope too and we want you to know that we are not done here. SPCA International will be unwavering in our support of the rescuers working tirelessly to save and care for animals like Clover.