SOS Galgos Celebrates 20 Years of Service

SPCA International has partnered with SOS Galgos in Spain since 2012. This amazing organization has saved hundreds of Spanish Greyhounds, known as Galgos, over the last 20 years.

The organization was founded in 2000 by Anna Clements and Albert Sordé. They realized that something needed to be done to save 700 Galgos that were living in terrible conditions after the closure of the Barcelona dog race track in 1999.

Since then, the pair has expanded SOS Galgos to include a network of volunteers, foster homes and concerned citizens. They provide educational presentations at local schools and actively work to change the laws surrounding the treatment of Galgos.

Unfortunately, Galgos are considered working dogs by the Spanish government. This means they are excluded from laws that protect other pets.

Each year an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 dogs are killed at the end of hunting season. That’s because it is easier and cheaper for hunters to buy a new dog than to feed and shelter a Galgo between seasons. Only the very best hunters are kept alive from one year to the next.

Most Galgos are kept in filthy and crowded underground spaces. Galgos are fed just enough to survive so they stay hungry for the hunt. They are used for just one or two seasons as hunters, then they are abandoned or killed. Even worse, many dogs are tortured to death by hanging, being buried alive and even being skinned alive. Many hunters believe that dogs who die slow and painful deaths will bring luck in the next year’s hunt.

SOS Galgos has now spent 20 years rescuing Galgos. They provide immediate medical care to treat dogs’ broken bodies and provide food to fill their starving bellies. Then they make sure dogs are trained and socialized by dedicated foster families. Hundreds of Galgos have found safe and loving forever homes thanks to SOS Galgos’ 20 years of dedication.

This year, SPCA International funding will help SOS Galgos co-sponsor a university project to develop a legal framework for the protection of Galgos in Spain.

You can help support the ban of this brutal practice by signing our petition today!