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Puppy Mill Horror: Educate Yourself and Your Friends and Family

Hannah was afraid of linoleum floors, but why?

This weekend, my friend, Amanda, told me a story about her dear pet of 16 years, Hannah.  Hannah was a Jack Russell Terrier that she adopted from a shelter when Hannah was just 9 months old.  Hannah lived in a loving, safe home where her every need was met and she was doted on with healthy food, free reign of the house, and lots of toys Sadly, the first 9 months of Hannah's life impacted her so deeply that even 16 years of love, stability and safety couldn't shake Hannah's fear of linoleum floors. 

Hannah was rescued from a puppy mill and the rescue group said that the space where Hannah was held captive in filth and deprivation had linoleum flooring.  When Amanda adopted her, Amanda’s home had linoleum flooring in the kitchen and Hannah wouldn't touch it.  If she accidentally found herself on the linoleum, she would start shaking and whimpering. Until the family moved to a new home (without an inch of linoleum), they had to carry Hannah through the kitchen every time she wanted to go into the backyard, many times a day.  Can you imagine what those 9 months of Hannah's life in a puppy mill must have been like to create such a long-lasting, insurmountable fear of linoleum?

The only way we can stop puppy mills is by educating ourselves, our friends and our family about them – what puppy mills are and how to avoid unknowingly supporting them.  If you don't know very much about puppy mills and can't answer these questions for yourself, please read our puppy mill articles.  Once you do know more, please share this information with your friends in casual conversation.  You would be surprised by how many intelligent animal lovers support puppy mills without realizing it because they don’t know the warning signs and think they are buying from a legitimate breeder.  It is only through education and awareness that we will put a stop to this underground, extremely lucrative form of cruelty. Please educate yourself today!