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Nilufer, Bursa, Turkey
Type of Organization
Animal Welfare
Rescue and Education
Services Provided
Anti-Cruelty and Animal Rescue
Spay and Neuter Clinics
Education and Advocacy
Their Work

Life for stray animals in Turkey is difficult and often dangerous. HEPAD is committed to improving the lives of these animals by rescuing abandoned animals in the streets and forests and caring for them until they find their new homes. HEPAD believes that sterilization is critical, so veterinarians neuter every animal in their care in their clinic. They are also vaccinated and tested for rabies. HEPAD takes in some of the worse cases of neglect and abuse. The recent earthquake in Turkey has devastated the country, leaving many animals needing evacuation from the earthquake zone. HEPAD has been on the ground, doing everything possible to save as many animals’ lives as possible and reunite lost pets with their beloved families.

SPCAI applauds the bravery and dedication of HEPAD and we are proud to support their rescue and rebuilding efforts in Turkey. We hope that with our support, they can help even more earthquake victims.