November 2015

Cue the Balloons
and Confetti: 500th
Military Pet Grant Awarded!

Holiday Gift Ideas
From The SPCAI Staff

Mission Tails: November OBP:
Worldwide Rescue Update

Sharing Holiday Treats
With Your Pets

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Cue the Balloons and Confetti: 500th Military Pet Grant
Every week SPCA International receives requests for help from U.S. military families who have nowhere else to turn. These desperate families have received Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders requiring them to move from their current military station to another - sometimes halfway around the world. The military pays for many of their moving expenses, but not the cost of transporting their dog or cat, and in many cases that cost can be downright shocking. When military families are overwhelmed and have nowhere else to turn, SPCA International is here to help with Operation Military Pets grants that ease their heavy hearts.

This month we hit a milestone, we gave out our 500th Operation Military Pets grant to the Pittmans, a U.S. Air Force family! The Pittmans adopted Jazz when they were stationed in Hawaii. They couldn't imagine their lives without her, but the cost of transporting her was far more than they could manage. That's when they reached out to SPCA International. They say Jazz is the glue that holds their family together. Thanks to this great SPCA International program - her home is and always will be with the Pittman family! We are thrilled to award them our 500th OMP grant.
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Holiday Gift Ideas From The SPCAI Staff
gift_5655ec696f29742476.jpgHaving trouble figuring out what to get your furry friend this holiday season? We asked our staff what Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas gifts their dogs and cats have enjoyed over the years. From puzzles to igloos, their ideas might be just what you've been looking for! Find The PURRfect Gift
Mission Tails: November OBP: Worldwide Rescue Update
cat_5655eb5c5bdbd44852.jpgOver the last few weeks we have been able to rescue 7 animals who have won the hearts of men and women on deployment. 4 dogs and 2 cats were brought to the United States through this amazing program, but getting the remaining animals out of Iraq is proving to be a bigger challenge than ever before. Follow Their Incredible Journey
Sharing Holiday Treats With Your Pets
treats.pngThe season of giving is upon us. Families, friends and pets will be getting together to share cheer and good food. However there are many treats that we love that our furry friends cannot have. Be very care and know which they should avoid or you might be spending your holiday in the emergency vet clinic. Make Sure Your Pets Avoid These Treats
Hey, Did You Know?
turkey.pngThe wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) almost became the national bird of the United States. This fowl weighs up to 18 pounds, with the largest wild turkey weighing in at 37 pounds! They don't let their weight keep them grounded; turkeys sleep in trees and can fly in short bursts of up to 55 miles an hour. However the distinct feathers and gobbling call that we associate with them is only an attribute of the male turkeys. We hope you enjoy gobble gobbling up these fun facts!
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