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Animals of War
May 2017

Animal Victims of War

Killer the Cat

Shelter Spotlight:
Red de Apoyo Canino

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Animal Victims of War

Like human victims of war and disaster, animals also suffer during times of crisis. Abandoned when their families flee from bombings and gunfire, animals are left to fend for themselves. Food, clean water and veterinary help are almost non-existent for these forgotten animals in countries heavily scarred by war. SPCA International is charged with helping these animal victims, to ensure their safety and care is not overlooked.

Killer the Cat
Killer the CatThis darling cat took a U.S. military base in Egypt by storm with Killer looks, Killer licks and Killer cuteness. OMG - we can't get over this guy! Killer will be rescued by the SPCAI team this week. We expect he will arrive at his new home in St. Paul, MN by May 5th where he will await Corporal Nick’s return from deployment. Their relationship is captured in a series of Killer-cute photos and details Cpl. Nick shared with us.
Shelter Spotlight: Red de Apoyo Canino
Shelter Spotlight: Red de Apoyo CaninoVenezuela’s economic crisis began in 2015 and hasn’t let up. As inflation rates rise above 700%, people are finding it almost impossible to provide for their families and pets. Through it all, a local animal shelter called Red de Apoyo Canino continues to serve Venezuela’s animals with essential veterinary care, rescue, rehabilitation and adoption efforts.
Hey, Did You Know?
Highland CattleHighland cattle are the oldest registered cattle in the world! Unlike most cattle, they have a double coat to keep them warm during cold winters in the Scottish Highlands, where they originate. Those long horns aren’t just for show; the Highland cattle use them during the winter to help forage for food under the snow. If you see a group of Highland cattle, it’s called a fold, not a herd.
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