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Shelter Spotlight
May 2016

Shelter spotlight:
photo journal of 2016 shelter
support recipients

Meet the OBP:
Worldwide rescues

Lisbeth Scott's
new music video honors
animal rescue

Healing anxiety in
pets: these herbs
can help

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Shelter spotlight: photo journal of 2016 shelter support recipients
All over the world animal activists and veterinarians dedicate their lives to helping desperate animal populations in their local communities. They do so with little or no outside funding; often relying on their personal savings and ingenuity to stem the tide of senseless animal suffering. We seek out these organizations that are doing so much good with so little in an attempt to ease their daily burden and provide the tools they need to serve a larger community. This year the SPCAI Shelter Support Fund has rushed aid to multiple animal welfare organizations in need. This is a photo journal highlighting some of their heartfelt and life-changing work.
Meet the OBP: Worldwide rescues (warning: adorable animal photos!)
OBPWhat a year 2016 has already been for our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program! Since January, we have rescued 21 dogs and cats beloved by U.S. Military personnel and patriotic American citizens serving our country in some very challenging areas of the world. And that's not all; we have 10 more rescues currently underway thanks to your unending love and financial support. You can see some of the sweet faces we have already rescued in this OBP: Worldwide slideshow. We know that if they could speak, they would be shouting a big thank you!
Lisbeth Scott's new music video honors animal rescue
LisbethAward winning singer/songwriter Lisbeth Scott says, "I sing and create music to comfort, heal, move, transport and awaken the divine voice within us all." What is more divine than the powerful love that flourishes in the human animal bond? Lisbeth demonstrates that divine feeling in her new release of her music video "Wonderful Life" a song from her 2015 album "Bird". We are honored to share this beautiful and profound music video with you.
Healing anxiety in pets: these herbs can help
HealingI remember what it was like when I first started learning about natural and holistic healing for my dogs. I felt so overwhelmed and didn't know what to do or when. But you don't have to go it alone. My journey started over 15 years ago and now I can share what I've learned along the way both on my own and through my extensive training with top healers in England. Read this article to find out about herbs that can help dogs, cats and horses.
Hey, did you know?
Did You KnowThe Giant Anteater is considered a carnivore; they ingest roughly 35,000 ants and termites every day. They do not have teeth but use their 2-foot long tongue to capture their prey. They can also flick their tongue up to 160 times per minute. Due to their poor eyesight, they rely on their keen sense of smell to find the nests of their prey. Growing up to 7-feet long, Giant Anteaters are solitary animals that are found in Central and South America.
Please help our animal population - have your pets spayed or neutered!
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