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Jax and Sgt. Jacob
VIDEO: Jax and Sgt. Jacob reunite in California
Over the years SPCA International has brought home over 560 dogs and cats for U.S. military personnel, but it's not every day that we get to see a reunion like this firsthand. We're sure you will remember Sgt. Jacob and Jax. In April, many of you contributed to an outpouring of support for Jax rescue from Afghanistan. We are delighted to be able to share their reunion with you through this video. Thanks goes to PAWSitive for doing an amazing job creating this video and capturing the true spirit and purpose of OBP:Worldwide.
Watch Their Reunion!
Photo Blog: Bingo, Scrappy and Whiskey Rescued!
Three Dogs SavedThis past month, Operation Baghdad Pups brought home 3 beloved mascots befriended by soldiers deployed in Egypt. Bingo, Scrappy and Whiskey could hardly believe that they would get to spend the rest of their lives with the soldiers who cared for and loved them while they were serving overseas. See Their Photos!
Shelter Spotlight: SPCA Israel
SPCAI IsrealSPCA Israel is committed to taking in every homeless animal, whether healthy or sick, young or old. Animals are cared for in the shelter facility and given any medical assistance necessary. The organization is also committed to educating the public towards greater compassion and tolerance, and to building bridges between humans and animals. They have been successful in facilitating the adoptions of hundreds and hundreds of animals. Learn More
Hey, Did You Know?
FlamingoFlamingos are famous for more than being a cheeky decorative piece for your front lawn. Flamingos use their beaks as shovels to dig for their dinner underwater. They scoop up shrimp, snails and algae with ease. They also have webbed feet that help them take flight as they walk through water. Luckily, for now, most flamingo species are not endangered, but it is only through a respect for their beauty and natural habitat that we will ensure they are here for many future generations to come.

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