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June 2018 eNews

You Helped Stop the Poisoning -Thank You!

We recently emailed you with a plea for help. Dogs were being poisoned in and around Chernobyl, Ukraine. They were suddenly disappearing, then being found dead in the streets. We told you about Foxy, a local dog who was about to be adopted, and the sad truth is she hasn't been found – she is likely dead. Even though it was too late for Foxy, it was not too late to protect hundreds more! We are very thankful to tell you that the poisoning has stopped and we are actively working to ensure it never happens again. This would not be possible without your generous donations! Thank you to all who contributed.

With the gifts you gave in Foxy’s name, our team and our partners will be able to sterilize, vaccinate, and feed a majority of these desperate animals. Not only that, we now have 13 adorable puppies up for adoption. They all survived the poisoning and are looking for amazing forever homes in Ukraine and North America. Do you want to open your heart and home to one of these loveable faces?

Risky Africa Rescues

When U.S. soldiers stationed in Africa contact us for help bringing their battle buddies home, things can get tricky. Some countries have no local animal welfare organization, and animals are often at risk of being killed if they are left behind. We are currently working on the difficult logistics to save dogs for U.S. soldiers stationed in Cameroon and Somalia.
Disabled Dogs Rock!
Adopting a disabled dog can be a deeply fulfilling experience, so don’t be scared off by a dog’s special needs! While disabled dogs may need a little extra care, there are many resources available these days that make it relatively easy to attend to their needs. Advances in mobility aids, such as dog wheelchairs, enable many disabled dogs to live a high-quality life.

Shelter Spotlight: Helping Paws Across Borders

When Angela Cherry, a veterinary technician by training, visited the Yucatan Peninsula she was appalled by the horrific state of the animals she saw. Angela couldn't just ignore their plight, so she founded Helping Paws Across Borders to provide much needed medical attention, including spay and neuter services, for animals in Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

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