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July 2018 eNews

You Saved Her – Rey’s Rescue Was Successful!

Captain Zeek contacted us a few weeks ago to help save sweet Rey, a desert dog who bonded with the captain during his deployment. Rey would have died from exposure to the elements or been swept up in a mass killing of stray dogs, but SPCA International supporters have saved her life with generous donations. 
Thanks to you, we took action quickly to rescue Rey from Iraq and she made her way home to Zeek's family in California just a few days ago. Captain Zeek and his wife are very grateful to the SPCA International community for answering this call to action. Zeek says Rey is settling in at home nicely. Their deep bond is on full display in these photos sent by Captain Zeek of their time together in Iraq and Rey in her new home.

Keeping Families Together

From Guam to North Dakota, this military family leaves no dog behind thanks to a grant from Operation Military Pets. Even though the military pays for families to relocate, they don’t cover the costs of transporting pets. Buddy is one lucky dog who has seen the world with his family.
Video: Tiny the Donkey 
We’ve fallen in love with Tiny the donkey and think you will too! SPCAI wasn’t involved in this rescue, but you’ll see why Tiny warms our hearts. Please remember that Tiny is truly unusually tiny - most donkeys are several times his size and would not make good house pets. 

Protect Your Pets from Pests

Summer is upon us! People and pets are enjoying the weather… but so are fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks do more than just bite, they can cause secondary illness in pets and humans.  We know you can’t stay inside all summer, so check out these practical tips to keep your furry and human family safe and protected from these tiny invaders.

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