July 2015

Challenging Baghdad
Pups Rescues Begin

SPCAI Protests
Abuse in Barcelona

Shelter Spotlight:
Best Friends
Dog Rescue, Georgia

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Challenging Baghdad Pups Rescues Begin
During coordination of an Iraqi rescue mission, it is often the case that I speak with more people in Iraq than in my own country! As Program Manager for Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide, I am in contact with many incredible individuals around the world all striving for the same goal: to bring home the cherished dogs and cats befriended by Americans deployed overseas to their awaiting families in the United States. But it doesn't come without its challenges!

Our missions out of Iraq get more difficult with each passing month. Find Out Why
SPCAI Protests Abuse in Barcelona
ProtestBegins.559558170d16396306.jpgOn June 13th, 2015 we joined our partner organizations, SOS Galgos and C.R.E.L. in Barcelona to march through the streets to protest the cruel practice of using Greyhounds for hare coursing. The march began at Tanatoria de Sancho de Avila, a cemetery, as a symbol of the thousands of dogs that die each year from this practice. Learn More
Shelter Spotlight: Best Friends Dog Rescue, Georgia
Dakota.5595584300b1b18422.jpgLaurie Deese founded Best Friends Dog Rescue in 2001 with the mission to rescue dogs and puppies that have been abandoned, mistreated or unwanted in Cairo, Georgia. Each year they successfully find secure loving homes for countless homeless animals where they can live out the life that they deserve. Learn More
Hey, Did You Know?
Parrots.55955869c3d2a81104.jpgMoluccan Cockatoo's can only be found in rainforests of Indonesia that are spread over Moluccan Islands. Their habitats are dense forests and grasslands and their main diet are seeds from different plants, but they also eat fresh green leaves and fruits. The Moluccan Cackatoo is known as a friendly and intelligent bird that learns things faster, and that is why they are popular pets. Unfortunately their numbers are dwindling rapidly because of the pet trade and loss of forest habitat.

Please help our animal population - have your pets spayed or neutered!

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