eNews: Super Mission to Rescue 25 Soldier's Dogs Underway
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January 2018 eNews

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Super Mission

Right now executive director, Meredith Ayan, and program manager, Lori Kalef, along with eight volunteers are en route to Beirut, Lebanon. From there they will transport 25 dogs to the U.S. where their forever homes are waiting. Their journey didn't start in Lebanon - this is just one of the many stops that these dogs have made in the ultimate rescue mission...

Radiation Can't Poison Love

Over 900 stray dogs roam the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. SPCAI has partnered with Clean Futures Fund to provide veterinary care, vaccinations, feeding stations, radiation monitoring and implement a future adoption program for these almost forgotten dogs.

Spotlight: Hound Sanctuary

Hound Sanctuary is a rescue sanctuary that offers foster, safe haven, behavior modification, training, outreach & education, and adoption. Located in Oregon, U.S., they serve needy sighthounds and are active locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  

Operation Military Pets: Testimonial

"SPCA International’s [Operation] Military Pets Program made a HUGE difference! The exorbitant expense of moving our 1 dog and 2 cats to and back from England would have been significantly harder had it not been for [SPCAI's] financial support. Thank you so much!" - Aaron R. Major, USAF

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