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February 2017

Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Rescues Come
From the Heart

Shelter Spotlight:
Syrian Association for
Rescuing Animals

Meet Five All-Star Operation Military Pets Families

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Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide Rescues Come From the Heart

At this very moment, the Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide team is working to rescue more than 40 dogs and cats befriended by U.S. military members deployed in Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait and Djibouti. We are thrilled that so many brave, selfless service members are reaching out to us for help saving their furry friends.

At SPCA International, our work is a calling, not just a 9-to-5 job. With rescue missions that happen all over the world, in different time zones and at all times of the day, we always have to be ready to answer a phone or email during a dinner party, in the middle of the night, or in the wee hours of the morning. We meet these challenges with happy hearts, knowing these rescues mean everything to our U.S. military members. Learn More

Shelter Spotlight: Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals
SARA ShelterIn the summer of 2016, we were working to rescue Fox, a dog whose refugee family missed him dearly. It was then that we learned about the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals (SARA). Since that first rescue, a wonderful partnership has blossomed, resulting in the opening of SARA’s very first shelter. SPCA International is honored to assist this amazing organization saving animals in the midst of civil war. Take a video tour of their new shelter – there is lots of work to be done!
Meet Five All-Star Operation Military Pets Families
OMP FamiliesFour years ago, SPCA International created Operation Military Pets (OMP), a program designed to help military families cope with the financial burden of transporting their pets when receiving permanent change of station orders (PCS). Originally intended only for the transportation of cats and dogs, OMP has also assisted in the transportation costs for horses, birds, and bunnies! Meet 5 all-star military families helped by this program.
Hey, Did You Know?
Black SwanThe black-necked swan is the largest waterfowl found in South America – and one of the smallest species of swan. The black-necked swan can be found in both salt and freshwater environments. They are mostly silent, making only soft whistling sounds. Like most swans, the black-necked swan forms a lifelong bond with its mate. However, this bond can be broken by death or “divorce” as a result of unsuccessful nesting attempts.
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