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Spirit Update
March 2017

Rescue Update:
Spirit's Recovery

Airport Cat Colonies Get
Desperately Needed TLC

Before & After:
This Cat's Improvement
Is Miraculous

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Rescue Update: Spirit's Recovery

As most of our readers will remember, Spirit, a shepherd mix found in Romania, suffered unspeakable cruelty at the hands of an unknown assailant. Today, Spirit is a different dog. She has recovered by leaps and bounds from her atrocious injuries. In this article you can learn more and watch two recent videos to see for yourself how well she is doing.

Airport Cat Colonies Get Desperately Needed TLC
Airport CatsAhead of the Summer Olympics in Brazil last year, we received a report of stray cat colonies being poisoned at a local airport. Luckily, with your help SPCAI was able to intervene – the poisoning stopped and we initiated a trap, neuter and release (TNR) program. The program is an ongoing success and we have a put together a photo gallery of many of the cats that were saved - all thanks to your generosity.
Before & After: This Cat's Improvement Is Miraculous
Lipe BeforeThis FELV+ cat named Lipe was adopted last August and we can’t believe how he has beaten the odds! We are so glad to see he has gained weight and grown a beautiful coat thanks to the love he’s received from his new mom. When we first met him he was scrawny and scared, but would you look at him now!
Hey, Did You Know?
Magnificent FrigatebirdThe magnificent frigatebird is the largest species of frigatebird, growing 35-45 inches in length. Their diet consists of fish that they scoop out of the water while in flight. You won’t see a magnificent frigatebird floating on water because unlike most seabirds, the frigatebird does not have waterproof feathers. Male magnificent frigatebirds have a bright red gular sac that they inflate to attract a mate. You can spot the magnificent frigatebird in Southern Florida and along the Gulf Coast.
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