Feature Stories

  • Join Milo the dog to celebrate Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy launch on PC Game Pass

    July 11, 2022
    We are thrilled to announce that SPCA International is teaming up with Xbox to celebrate Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy now available with PC Game Pass. Xbox will be hosting a live playthrough of the game, while Cosmo the Dog’s biggest fan, a handsome Labrador Retriever named Milo watches along in his space suit! You …
  • Flights to Safety: Saving Animals from Euthanasia

    July 11, 2022
    The city animal shelter in Bakersfield, California, is overcrowded; the animals there are facing euthanasia. SPCA International partnered with Pet Rescue Pilots to sponsor a mission to take 60 adoptable animals to Calgary, Canada, where they will be placed with loving adoptive families. 
  • Clean Futures Fund Visits Chornobyl

    July 11, 2022
    Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help rush donations to Ukraine! Thanks to your support, our partners were able to provide food and veterinary care to the stray dogs of the Chornobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone. These pups were already at risk before the war, but they began to starve when power plant operations …
  • Rescuing Pups from the Meat Trade

    June 21, 2022
    SPCA International is proud to support Bo Ai Animal Rescue Center and Plush Bear’s Shelter in their efforts to rescue dogs from the meat trade in China. We are committed to helping them rescue and provide food, shelter and veterinary care for pups destined for slaughter.
  • Dogs and Soldiers will Reunite Thanks to Relaxed CDC Rules 

    June 14, 2022
    We are thrilled to announce that the CDC will relax restrictions on the import of dogs from over 100 countries! After a year of complicated and costly rescues, this news means SPCA International will be able to reunite soldiers and pups faster and more efficiently. Our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program persevered during the restrictions, …
  • Portugal Spayathon Success!

    June 14, 2022
    SOS Algarve Animals, in Portugal just completed a successful spayathon with the support of SPCA International. With a team of international volunteers, they sterilized nearly 300 cats, preventing the future birth of thousands of unwanted kittens and immeasurable suffering.
  • Brady’s Journey

    May 26, 2022
    Brady is a sweet boy who had a five-pound tumor on his face. Despite being told they had to euthanize him, rescuers and veterinarians at Good World Animal Rescue in Azerbaijan didn’t give up. Brady’s story is one of incredible transformation and the power of hope and determination.
  • Taking a Stand Against Dog and Cat Meat

    May 26, 2022
    A heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated to support our partners in China who are fighting against the dog and cat meat trade. With your generous support, they are treating recently rescued animals and working to put a stop to this terrible practice.
  • New Technology Saves Lives

    May 26, 2022
    WA Wildlife, an SPCA International partner in Australia, has created an incredible system called the Wildlife Resource Portal. We are thrilled to have helped fund this innovative custom-built software that links wildlife rescuers, veterinarians and rehabilitators to serve animals in need better.
  • Ina Clark Joins SPCA International as Executive Director

    April 25, 2022
    SPCA International is thrilled to announce Ina Clark as our new Executive Director! Ms. Clark comes to us with a background rich in nonprofit leadership and development. She specializes in communication, relationship building and financial development. With over 20 years of experience, we are confident she will lead SPCA International to advance the safety and …