Women in Animal Welfare Spotlight: Alexandra Sava

Helping animals has always been part of Alexandra Sava’s life. Growing up in Romania, her family regularly fed about 40 street animals. They knew they wanted to do more. 

When Alexandra was 14, her family raised money to build a shelter for the animals they were feeding. Today, Sava’s Safe Haven cares for 250 animals and they have a robust international adoption program.

Perhaps the biggest challenge Alexandra faces are the attitudes of others toward animals. Particularly in rural communities, she tells us most people don’t understand why animals should be cared for. However, her work is changing attitudes and behavior, one person at a time. 

After many years of educating communities about animal health and welfare, people turn to Alexandra and her family when they see an animal in need. They have begun to understand that animal welfare supports community wellness. 

Alexandra says it hasn’t been easy to run Sava’s Safe Haven for the last 10 years, but she is grateful to work alongside her mom, dad and brother. They love what they do. 

In a true testament to Alexandra’s dedication, she is now meeting Ukrainian refugees at the border with a warm smile, pet food, blankets, crates, leashes and other supplies. 

This woman is truly an animal welfare hero.