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Why We Added SPCAI to the Lemonade Giveback

By Team Lemonade

As a company with a mission to transform insurance into a social good, we regularly ask our Lemonade community which causes they’re passionate about, and would like to support.

Sounds like a bizarre question coming from an insurance company, we know, but it’s part of how we’re built.

Back to our community. They spoke, and we listened. Our Lemonaders expressed their passion for animal rights, which sparked a search high and wide for an animal rescue organization.

We were looking for an organization that measured its impact: data-driven, knew how to communicate proven results, and most of all, was committed to transparency, one of our core values.

When we found SPCA International, we knew we found the right fit for our Giveback program (more on that soon).

Partnering with SPCAI is part of our journey to fix the broken insurance system. A system that, for centuries, wanted to protect you when things went wrong, but often breeded a feeling of distrust, and put you through hurdles that left you stranded.

So beyond bringing insurance into the 21st century through technology (we use algorithms instead of paperwork, bots instead of brokers!), we transformed the very fundamental business model to remove any conflicts of interests, and include giving back.

Instead of making money from denying claims, which is the norm within the industry, we treat your premiums as if it’s your money, take a flat fee for our services, and return what’s left to a cause you care about. We call this the ‘Giveback.’

Rest assured, this isn’t marketing fluff. Lemonade is a B-Corp, which means we’re committed to a double bottom line. In fact, Giveback is an integral part of our business model, and since we’re driven by a community-focused and do-good culture, Giveback is just one way we’re committed to the public good.

This is why we’re so excited to announce the Lemonade <> SPCA International partnership. We’re thrilled to welcome such a devoted and impactful organization such as SPCAI, who have helped thousands of animals around the world. And we’re humbled this wonderful cause is welcoming us to their community, with open arms.

So, how does the Lemonade Giveback work?

When you get a Lemonade renters or homeowners insurance policy, we ask you to choose your ‘Giveback’ cause. People choosing the same cause form a ‘virtual group;' behind the scenes, we use their premiums to pay their claims, and Giveback any leftover money to their common cause (in this case, the SPCAI).

We think of Giveback as a social contract among our community, where the size and allocation of our donation is determined not by our big profits or big hearts, but by the good fortune and good behavior of our members.

For us, Team Lemonade, this is deeply gratifying. At the end of the day, ‘it’s not our money.' It’s money our community has entrusted to us, first and foremost to help our members recover from unfortunate events in their lives, and secondly to help the less fortunate in our broader community. We feel privileged to do both – and are grateful to our community for the trust and support. 

Stay safe, and thank you for supporting SPCAI!

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