ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.

You Helped Stop the Poisoning! Thank you!

Last month we reached out to you with a plea for help. Dogs were being poisoned in and around Chernobyl, suddenly disappearing, then being found dead in the streets. We told you about Foxy, a local dog who was about to be adopted, and the sad truth is she hasn’t been found – she is likely dead.  

Even though it was too late for Foxy, it was not too late to protect hundreds more! We are very thankful to tell you that the poisoning has stopped and we are actively working to ensure it never happens again. This would not be possible without your generous donations! Thank you to all who contributed. 

This June, up to 400 animals will be spayed and neutered with the help of our partner Clean Futures Fund, Helping Paws Across Borders, and over 100 volunteers who are paying their own way to help these abandoned animals.  

Stray animals will be de-wormed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and fitted with an ear-tag to measure their radiation levels. If their ear-tags show low levels of radiation, they will become available for adoption in the future. 13 lucky puppies are already cleared for adoption and we are searching for their forever families!  

Featured above is, Polly, one of the 13 pups waiting to be adopted. She is a playful girl who will make a great addition to a family. (Below you can see the whole group of 13 darling pups.) All of the puppies available for adoption have been well socialized with children, dogs, cats, and farm animals. If you are interested in adopting one, please fill out the adoption application.