West Bank Evacuation

Daily Hugz is the largest animal sanctuary in the West Bank, offering shelter to 65 rescue dogs. Virtually all of them have had to overcome life-threatening abuse, and yet, they radiate love and gratitude for their second chance at life. Daily Hugz has prioritized the most vulnerable animals, from abandoned pups to those struck by cars. For years, these precious animals have been able to run freely in the acre-wide sanctuary. But now, their lives hang in the balance. 

While the focus has been on Gaza, violence has risen in the West Bank. Airstrikes, once rare in the area, have become increasingly common since the war began on October 7. For the safety of their animals, Daily Hugz is left with no other option but to close the sanctuary and find a way to bring their animals to safety. That’s where we come in. In partnership with Daily Hugz, we plan on evacuating these 65 dogs from the West Bank to the United States. Evacuating animals from a war zone is not easy, but we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their safety. 

Our team is already hard at work preparing for this life-saving mission. We’ve started rushing funds to ensure all dogs are vaccinated and that they receive necessary veterinary care for this critical flight. This is the first step of a long and complicated mission. But with the generous support of animal lovers like you, we know we can bring these dogs to safety. Join us in this vital mission—donate today to contribute to the vaccinations and medical care essential for preparing these 65 dogs for their journey to a secure and loving future!