Healing Paws: Roman and Jerry

Earlier this month, we shared two heart-wrenching tales: Roman, who faced the unimaginable cruelty of a cable wrapped around his neck and being dragged by a car, and Jerry, a victim of intentional burning, left for dead by a heartless individual. These victims of appalling animal abuse found refuge with our trusted partners in Azerbaijan, who swiftly recognized the gravity of their conditions and provided urgent aid.

Knowing the complexity and costliness of their required veterinary care, we turned to our dedicated donors for support. Your overwhelming generosity ensured that Roman and Jerry received the critical medical attention they desperately needed.

Both dogs have a long road ahead before they’re healed, but thanks to you, they are no longer suffering alone. The veterinary team caring for them is dedicated to doing everything possible for these dogs. We remain committed to keeping you updated on their progress and eagerly anticipate the day we can share images of them, fully healed and thriving in loving homes—thanks to you.