Watch the Documentary: “February: The Fear of Spanish Greyhounds”

By Meredith Ayan

We are pleased to share the online release of the award winning documentary, February: The Fear of Spanish Greyhounds.  As many of our supporters know, in many rural areas of Spain there exists an age-old tradition of cruelty toward greyhounds used in hare coursing.  Filmmaker Irene Blanquez’s documentary focuses on the inhumane treatment, training methods and ultimate abandonment of thousands of Greyhounds at the end of hunting season in February each year. (Blanquez testified before the Spanish Congress of Deputies in March 2014 alongside SPCA International and SOS Galgos to bring awareness to the cruel practice of hare coursing in rural areas of Spain.)

Blanquez has published , February: The Fear of Spanish Greyhounds online to educate people about the harsh realities of this “sport”.  I encourage you to watch it and spread the word.