OBP: Worldwide – Egypt Rescues Underway

The days and nights can be very long and grueling for our service men and women deployed overseas. Our brave heroes go many months without seeing their loved ones or enjoying the simple comforts of home. So when Whiskey wandered into the heart of this young captain stationed in the middle of the Sinai desert, the bond was instant. Whiskey was very shy with the other soldiers at first and hid under a building for nearly 3 months, but Captian Stephen was not about to give up. Whiskey soon learned to trust his ‘human’ and the pair soon became inseparable. Whiskey, and two other beautiful dogs befriended by soldiers serving in Egypt will soon be making their journey ‘home’ where they will be reunited with their military dads and moms in just a few short weeks through our OBP: Worldwide program. Stay tuned as we send you updates from the ground!