ON GOING RESCUE: Our team is on the ground in Brazil helping with rescue efforts. There are thousands of animals impacted by severe flooding. Donate to help save them.

Taking a Stand Against Dog and Cat Meat

Thanks to an outpouring of support to combat the dog and cat meat trade, SPCA International will provide support for partners in China on the frontlines rescuing dogs and cats from slaughterhouses.

Our partners in China continue to work daily to save as many animals as possible. The photos above are shining examples of their recent success. These beautiful pups and kitties would have been eaten if not for our partner, Plush Bears Shelter; now, they are receiving medical attention and lots of love, thanks to your generosity.

As long as the practice of eating dog meat continues in China, SPCA International will work tirelessly to advocate for its end. 

You can still get involved in changing this practice. DONATE NOW to support organizations in countries where dog and cat meat is still consumed.