New Technology Saves Lives

WA Wildlife is an innovative SPCA International partner in Australia. They are on the front lines of rescuing and rehabilitating Australia’s wild animals and always searching for ways to improve their life-saving work. We are excited to share their newest innovation.

Experiencing a disjointed wildlife rescue system, they partnered with a developer to create their new Wildlife Resource Portal. This portal connects rescuers, veterinarians and rehabilitators to best meet the needs of kangaroos, wombats, koalas and many other Australian animals. 

SPCA International continues to be amazed at the incredible work accomplished by WA Wildlife and its partners. We first connected with them during the tragedy of the bushfires in early 2020, when an overwhelming number of animals needed rescue. Since then, our partnership has only grown. 

Over the past several years, with support from SPCA International, WA Wildlife established a state-of-the-art wildlife hospital, deployed a wildlife ambulance and is now tackling the logistics of improving wildlife rescue throughout their region. We are so proud of all WA Wildlife continues to accomplish.