Lake Zone Animal Welfare reaches 3,794 dogs

Following a rabies outbreak earlier this year in the Nyamagana District of Tanzania, people were extremely interested in getting their dogs vaccinated for rabies. Unfortunately, many families simply can’t afford to bring their animals to the vet or pay for vaccinations. That’s where Lake Zone Animal Welfare stepped in with a solution.

This September, in honor of World Rabies Day (the 28th), Lake Zone Animal Welfare held community events and went door to door to vaccinate dogs against rabies. Along the way, the five-person volunteer veterinary team provided education about animal welfare and care to ensure dogs are healthy and safe. 

This series of events complements Lake Zone Animal Welfare’s year-round strategy of promoting respect and compassion for animals through humane education programs in primary schools, providing access to veterinary services for impoverished families and hosting spay/neuter campaigns. 

SPCA International is proud to support this strong grass-roots organization. We are thrilled to contribute to the health and safety of people and animals in the Nyamagana District. We look forward to all Lake Zone Animal Welfare continues to accomplish on behalf of the communities they serve.