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Healthy Guantanamo Bay Animals

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to support essential veterinary care for animals in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba! 

A long-trusted military partner, SPCA International is thrilled to be part of a nonprofit coalition to improve the lives of animals and people in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

SPCAI is partnering with Operation Git-Meow, Caribbean Spay and Neuter and Army Veterinary resources on base to provide essential veterinary care and sterilizations during a 5-day event in November with the goal of treating 400 animals!

This event will improve conditions for animals and keep the Guantanamo Bay community safe from rabies and other animal-borne illnesses. The base is the size of a small town, covering over 45 square miles with over 6,000 military members, contractors, civilian employees and family members.

This initiative is critically important because rabies is a serious public health issue in Cuba that puts free-roaming animals and the pets of our military members at risk. Ensuring animals are free of disease will also ensure the human population on base stays safe.