Shelters Battle Freezing Temperatures

This winter many of SPCA International’s shelter partners in North America and abroad are struggling to keep animals warm. Those with indoor facilities face massive heating bills to maintain temperatures above freezing, but for outdoor shelters, the challenges are even more daunting.

Shelter volunteers and staff are working around the clock to make sure animals stay alive in freezing conditions. They are constantly shoveling out snow that blows into kennels, refilling water bowls that freeze almost immediately, and replacing frozen bedding as fast as possible.

Our shelter partners in Romania tell us they are battling frozen latches on kennels and snow so high their vehicles are getting stuck. With hundreds of dogs in their care, shelter staff are identifying the most at risk animals such as puppies and elderly dogs to bring them inside for warmth.

This winter, please consider donating used blankets, sheets, and towels, or your time, to your local shelter. Or you can donate to our Shelter Support Fund for our overseas shelter partners.