Brownie’s Progress is Slow but Steady – X-Rays Reveal More Broken Bones

By SPCA International Staff

At the end of 2018, SPCA International received a plea from one of our overseas shelter partners for help. They had rescued a dog from the brink of death and named her Brownie. She had been horribly abused by a very cruel person – multiple broken bones, internal damage from repeated assaults to her anus, and extensive burns meant Brownie’s body was raging with infection and she was terrified of humans. 

The all-volunteer rescue team wasn’t sure if Brownie could be healed. Even then, they worried the cost of veterinary treatment and medication would bankrupt them and leave them unable to provide food and shelter for the other dogs in their care. 

We passed the plea on to our supporters and received an outpouring of financial help for Brownie’s recovery. We have rushed funds to Brownie’s rescuers, and their gratitude is immense. They are relieved and overjoyed to be able to continue providing care to Brownie and the 30 other animals who depend on them. 

We wish we could report that Brownie is fully healed and thriving, but her progress is slow. She is alive and healing thanks to the careful treatment she is receiving, but she’s still weak and scared. Her rescuers report that Brownie’s burns are getting better and some hair is growing back. Thanks to a round of heavy antibiotics, her internal wounds are no longer infected, and she is gaining weight.

Unfortunately, a recent x-ray showed not only broken bones in her legs and pelvis, but broken bones in her back. Brownie will likely need a custom cart to support her mobility. We’re currently working with her rescue team to build a plan to bring Brownie to the U.S. or Canada where she can receive the best medical care possible.

We are so appreciative of every donation to support Brownie’s medical care. Many people have reached out to inquire about Brownie’s progress and to ask if she needs further support. Additional donations for Brownie’s medical care and travel can be made here.