Shelter Struggles as COVID-19 Continues

Nepal has been locked down for over 105 days and the situation in the country is dire. Sneha’s Care is doing everything possible to keep feeding over 2,000 street animals and providing medical care and shelter for over 200 animals most in need, but there are more hungry and suffering animals than ever before. Their resources are dwindling as costs continue to rise.  

Shelter and rescue groups around the world are in similar situations. That’s why every donation to SPCA International continues to be vitally important. As an organization, we exist to bring the most pressing animal welfare needs to the attention of those who care about animals and distribute donations to the groups saving animals’ lives.

Sneha’s Care isn’t an exact representation of every rescue group, but their multi-faceted struggle due to COVID-19 represents the situation of so many other groups during this difficult time. Sneha’s Care is navigating the following factors:

  • Tourism has halted in Nepal, closing restaurants and hotels. This means no leftover food for street animals and no donations of food or money from local restaurants and hotels.
  • Tourists used to feed street animals and without people tossing them food, animals are beginning to starve.
  • Food prices have doubled over the last three months and price gouging is rampant. Every dollar now buys half of what it did before COVID-19.
  • Sneha’s Care has an organic vegetable farm that supplements the animals’ diets and generates revenue for shelter operations. Due to heavy monsoon rains, all the vegetables were lost, leaving them without that source of revenue.
  • International volunteers are unable to travel to Nepal. They used to make up a huge portion of the manpower needed, so local staff have been hired to fill the gap.

Right now, Sneha, the founder of Sneha’s Care is reaching into her own pocket to keep the organization running. She simply can’t turn away hungry and suffering animals, but every day the need grows. Thanks to many generous donors, SPCA International was able to provide a grant to help Sneha’s Care continue operating.


You can help support even more rescue and shelter groups by donating to the Shelter Support Fund.