SPCA International Stands Ready when Disaster Strikes

By Meredith Ayan, Executive Director

I think we are all in agreement that 2020 has already been quite a year. In January, I expected a year that would be much like 2019, just with a stronger ability to reach more animals in need. As always, we budgeted and planned for disaster response, but I had no idea how much of our efforts would be focused on disasters this year.

Here at SPCA International, we are always ready to respond quickly when our partners experience disasters. In past years we have provided emergency funding to rescue and care for animals from areas affected by forest fires, hurricanes and erupting volcanoes, but nothing comes close to the response of 2020.

Early in the year, we mobilized to provide support to organizations in Australia that were on the front lines of actively rescuing kangaroos and other native animals from the bushfires. Funds provided food, water, burn care, rehabilitation and long-term support for animals injured, displaced and struggling to survive in smoldering forests.  

Just months later, COVID-19 quickly became a supply chain crisis for many of our partner organizations. They struggled to locate and purchase kibble for the animals in their care. In some cases, financial support helped them buy and store enough food to last the length of lockdowns and in one instance a rescue group purchased a kibble making machine. 

More recently, we provided support to our partners in Beirut as they responded to the massive explosion there. Funds have helped them locate and care for stray animals and lost pets, many of whom were injured in the blast and subsequent destruction.

Now, as we head into the final quarter of the year, I hope disasters are few and far between, but if disaster does strike, we will be ready. SPCA International exists to leverage the generosity of many to provide the support small animal welfare organizations need. We will continue to respond swiftly and strongly when our partners need help in the wake of disasters.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work. YOU make it possible to respond when disaster strikes and animals are in need.