Shelter Spotlight: AMA in Guatemala

SPCA International is excited to announce a new partner in Guatemala. AMA (Asociación de Amigos de los Animales) helps local individuals foster animals and educates people throughout the city.

AMA’s founder shared that her original hope was to establish an animal shelter, but she didn’t have the funding. Today, she realizes this was a blessing in disguise. AMA is able to leverage the goodwill of city citizens to care for stray animals. Their reach is much wider than it would have been with a traditional shelter.

Now, residents know they can call AMA if they find a stray animal in need of care. AMA supports individual rescuers by helping with the costs of veterinary care and food, and finding a foster home if needed.

This support is critical because nearly 60% of Guatemalans live in poverty. Without AMA’s help many would be unable to care for an animal. AMA works to find permanent homes for the animals while they are in foster care.

AMA also works throughout Guatemala City to educate the public about animal care and welfare. For the last 25 years, AMA has been working to educate Guatemala City’s youngest residents by presenting at local elementary schools. They are even developing a custom coloring book that includes animal care tips and use an opossum named Johnny to help deliver their message.

Johnny-the-opossum was found injured about three years ago as a tiny baby. AMA saved his life by giving him round the clock care including bottle feeding. Unfortunately, Johnny can’t be released back into the wild, but he makes a wonderful spokes-opossum for animal care and welfare.