Serving Our Military Families

SPCA International provides Operation Military Pets grants to help military families transport pets to new duty stations.

Victoria is a U.S. Army soldier, a single mother of two, and an animal lover. Her orders recently took her from North Carolina to South Korea!

The Army paid for most of Victoria’s moving expenses, but none of the thousands of dollars it cost to move her pets. She reached out to SPCA International for help transporting her five-year-old German Shepherd mix, A.J. and SPCA International was able to provide her with a grant to help cover the unexpectedly high transportation costs.

Victoria and her children simply couldn’t imagine leaving A.J. behind. They have been through a lot together. A.J. came down with Parvo when she was a puppy and Victoria nursed her through it. The entire family takes walks together, and A.J. is part of a pet family that includes another dog, a cat, and two bearded dragons!

Now, settled in South Korea but still adjusting to their new life, the entire family looks forward to coming home to see A.J. and their other pets at the end of the day. Victoria shares that her pets are part of their family, and they help teach her children responsibility, love and care. They couldn’t imagine living in a new place without their pets.

Victoria is so grateful for the support provided by SPCA International and is happy that her entire family was able to stay together and make it to South Korea.