Saving Donkeys from Starvation

For several years, Tanzania was exporting donkeys to Asia through unofficial channels. It drove the price of donkeys out of reach of the farmers and villagers who need them and created a situation where many donkeys were stolen.

Amidst COVID-19, the government put tighter restrictions on donkey exports, and the trade came to an abrupt halt. Many donkeys were stuck with middle men who no longer had an international market and no means for their long term care. These unfortunate donkeys started starving.

Thankfully, TAWESO (Tanzania Animal Welfare Society) has been rescuing sick and starving donkeys, treating them for ticks and other parasites, helping them get healthy once again, and making them available for low-cost adoption by farmers and villagers.

TAWESO works with donkey adopters to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to care for their donkeys. They provide regular clinics and vaccinations to help farmers and villagers keep their donkeys healthy and teach them not to overwork the donkeys that help them in their daily lives.

This spring, TAWESO has rescued 56 donkeys, 48 of whom have already been adopted by people who have signed agreements committing them to responsible donkey care.

SPCA International is proud to be a supporter of TAWESO and looks forward to seeing their accomplishments as they rescue even more donkeys from this difficult situation.