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World of Angels Foundation: Rescuing Pups from the Dog Meat Trade

World of Angels Foundation, an existing SPCA International partner in China, recently reached out with a plea for help. They were dealing with a large-scale emergency. A local puppy mill was shutting down and planned to sell 100 dogs into the dog meat trade.

Fortunately, World of Angels Foundation banded together with other local animal welfare groups to take in these pups. No single organization could have accepted 100 dogs on such short notice, so they worked together to shelter and care for them.  

SPCA International is proud to support World of Angels Foundation and their local counterparts in their work. With a modest amount of financial support from the SPCA International Shelter Support Fund, these dedicated organizations were able to save lives. They are a shining example of the amazing work that happens in animal welfare every day in China and beyond.

All the pups are now sheltered and being cared for by various rescue groups in China. Unfortunately, some were sick and needed medical attention, but they are receiving everything they need to get healthy and strong.

SPCA International is committed to supporting organizations on the ground working to stop the dog meat trade and rescue dogs at risk. We are proud to be providing $50,000 this month to support their efforts.

Follow World of Angels on social media for updates on when these pups become available for adoption.