Reunited and Thriving

One big reason people might hesitate to go into long-term treatment or sober living is that they don’t have anyone to look after their pets. It’s a similar situation for those facing domestic violence – they often can’t seek help because they can’t bring their pets along. We believe nobody should have to part with their furry friends to get the support they need. That’s why, through our PAWsitive Recovery program, we offer temporary housing, food, and medical care for these pets. This way, their owners can focus on getting the help they need to heal. It’s all about helping them rebuild their lives so they can eventually be reunited with their beloved animals and start a new, happier chapter together.

Charlie & Michael

Michael’s motivation for getting sober was coming home and giving his dogs a better life. He knew that getting treatment for his alcoholism was the right thing for him to do for himself, his dogs, his friends, and his family. It wasn’t easy, but knowing that his best friend, Charlie, was in good hands and waiting for him kept him focused on his recovery. When they reunited, Charlie, a high-energy pup who loves to cuddle, could barely control his excitement. We’re thrilled to see them embark on this next adventure together. 

Loki & Kurt

Before his addiction, Kurt loved snowboarding, hiking, biking, and being outdoors. His dog, Loki, was always by his side. In 2020, Kurt’s drinking got out of control, and he lost all of his friends. But he never lost Loki. Even in the worst of times, Loki was by Kurt’s side, giving him the love and support he needed. Eventually, Kurt sought treatment and is now over 100 days sober and reunited with his best friend. They’re rebuilding their lives together and looking forward to what lies ahead.

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