A Soldier’s Best Friend

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a Navy base, an unexpected friendship blossomed, warming the hearts of all who witnessed it. Stinky, a spirited stray dog, found her forever home in the unlikeliest places – the heart of a compassionate Navy Petty Officer on deployment.

The officer stumbled upon Stinky and felt an immediate connection. Recognizing the need to ensure Stinky’s safety and provide her with a loving home, the officer knew he had to take action and took her back to base with him.

As the days turned into weeks, Stinky became more than just a four-legged companion to the officer; she became a morale booster for the entire base. The two formed an inseparable bond. The officer even built Stinky her very own dog house on the base. 

He knew he could not leave her behind when the officer’s deployment ended. He needed to find a way to bring Stinky back to the United States with him. And that’s when he reached out to us for assistance.

Our dedicated team sprang into action, swiftly taking Stinky into our care. She received top-notch treatment, including vaccinations, travel paperwork, and all the love she deserved. Our team ensured every detail was attended to for Stinky’s long-awaited journey home.

The day finally arrived for Stinky to embark on her transcontinental adventure. With her tail wagging and spirits high, Stinky embraced every moment of the journey. And then came the magical reunion. Stinky and her officer were finally back together. The once stray dog, who had found solace in the company of a Navy hero, is now living her best life in America.

Every week, we receive more and more requests from U.S. service members who desperately need help bringing the beloved animals they befriend on deployment to safety. Each rescue can last from a few weeks to several months and costs between $4,000 to $9,000 per animal. We need your help reuniting these U.S. heroes with the animals they love. Donate now.