Rescue Story: Melody’s Heart Finally Sings

By Lori Kalef and Meredith Ayan, SPCA International Staff

When our team first met Melody in a rural field in central Spain, she was locked in an enclosure with 2 other adult Greyhounds. There was no sign of other humans and barely any shade from the hot Spanish sun. As we approached the gate, we could tell that she was unsure of herself and if we meant any harm. We quickly offered her and her cage mates some food and water to relieve their hunger and thirst. One of the volunteers from SOS Galgos who lives in the area travels to their enclosure at twilight almost every evening to avoid being noticed and feeds them and many others kibble and treats.

Melody was only a few months old when we found her, scared and excited at the same time as if maybe someone was possibly coming to her rescue. Our wonderful interpreter, Fanny Rabourdin, immediately connected with the glimmer of hope in her sweet eyes and vowed that she would come back for her one day.

Fast-forward to 3 months later and a chance encounter with the hunter who owned the little black and white female Greyhound. The determined and strong willed volunteer who confidently approached the situation with an offer to exchange a few bags of food for her life was unexpectedly accepted. Melody was immediately taken to safety and put with the others in an undisclosed holding place until she could be transported to her new life in Barcelona.

Today, Melody’s heart sings as she experiences a life full of daily walks to the beach and a plethora of comfy places to sleep and the best part ever, two other rescued Greyhounds to share her home with. Greyhounds are pack animals; they thrive on companionship and learn from one another rather than competing for “top dog.” Integrating Melody into the household was a simple task and she quickly found her place amongst the love and care that Fanny and her boyfriend have offered.

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