Rescue on Wheels

Though our rescue missions frequently showcase dogs and cats, our passion for saving wildlife worldwide is just as strong. One of our proudest initiatives is funding the WA Wildlife Ambulance, which allows our partners in Australia to rescue animals in remote areas swiftly. Recently, the ambulance came to the rescue of a parrot shot by an 800mm arrow, a situation that could have been fatal without quick intervention.

Thanks to the timely response, our partners captured the bird within 30 minutes and rushed it to surgery at the WA Wildlife Hospital. Miraculously, X-rays showed the arrow missed all major organs. Our partners are providing constant care, and we’re optimistic about the parrot’s recovery and eventual release back into the wild.

This parrot is just one of the thousands of animals saved by the WA Wildlife Ambulance, and it’s all possible because of your generous support. Together, we continue to create a world where animals receive the care and compassion they deserve, no matter where they are.  

Meet some of the animals rescued thanks to the WA Wildlife Ambulance: