SPCA International encourages you to contact your local Animal Control, rescue group, Sheriff’s Department or Crime Stoppers’ hotline if you suspect a puppy mill is operating in your area. These organizations will have the jurisdiction to investigate and shut down puppy mills. Contacting your local agency will also ensure the fastest possible action.
Who can resist a cute puppy sitting in a storefront window, playing with a toy or sleeping peacefully?  What you cannot see in the window is how many of those cute, purebred puppies come from puppy mills all over the United States, where dogs are forced to live in small cages and rarely come in contact with a compassionate human. Puppy mills operate for profit with little concern about the health and treatment of the dogs in their care.  The female breeding dogs suffer most, forced to live their lives in small cages and reproduce until they can no longer handle pregnancy or die.  Many times when a female breeding dog is no longer able to reproduce, she is brutally killed or abandoned.   These dogs never have a chance at a happy life or human companionship.
Puppy mills are large dog breeding facilities that house up to several hundred dogs at a time in deplorable conditions. Most facilities force female breeding dogs to live in small cages and reproduce until they can no longer carry a pregnancy due to age or health. Many dogs can be housed in one small cage without room to move. Puppy mill breading dogs are worked like slaves for the financial profit of the owner. The conditions are cruel, and unfathomable to most animal lovers.
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