Operation Baghdad Pups: Five More Rescues in October

Over the last few days you have heard about the successful rescue of Charlie’s dog Puppy from the Philippines, but Operation Baghdad Pups has been in full swing! In just the month of October, we have also been able to save 3 more dogs and one cat for Americans serving overseas.

We just wrapped up one of the toughest missions out of Iraq to date. With ISIS having essentially shut down travel throughout the country, we were able to move some very deserving animals out of Baghdad to the US, but it was not an easy task. If these animals could speak, they would have quite the story to tell…

Our Operation Baghdad Pups team has been hard at work rescuing animals befriended by Americans deployed around the world. In the last 24 hours, we were able to send a volunteer out to Camp Navarro in the Philippines not only to bring Puppy to safety, but a dog named Ranger befriended by a serviceman as well. While they are receiving some TLC by our partner organization in Manila before their big journey to their forever home in San Diego, we thought we would tell you about what we have been up to in Iraq this month.

In early October, in the planning stages of our mission to save 3 more animals belonging to deployed Americans, our regular security personnel in Baghdad informed us that they weren't able to transport the animals because of the impending ISIS threat. Gaining security clearance to travel the dangerous roads connecting Baghdad and Erbil has become harder and harder. After contacting over 30 embassies, helicopter schools and pilots, shipping and security companies, day and night for close to 2 weeks, we got the answer we were looking for. With only hours to spare before their transport, one of our volunteers braved dangerous checkpoints and a hostile city to meet our fearless driver in order to make the long journey by road to Erbil. Approximately 5 days later, 2 more amazing dogs and 1 beloved cat were united with their American families thanks to courageous volunteers on the ground.  All three animals were then safely escorted to the United States and are now enjoying their new lives on American soil with their loving families.

There is no greater reward than knowing these animals are safe, and we have provided an invaluable service to our brave service men and women. Our OBP Program has no boundaries. If you know of an American serving our country overseas that has opened their heart up to a dog or cat in the field and would like to bring them back to their family, please contact us at [email protected]