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OBP: Worldwide Super Mission Update

In January 2018 executive director, Meredith Ayan, and program manager, Lori Kalef, along with 8 volunteers travelled to Beirut, Lebanon, where 25 dogs were waiting to finish their long journey to the United States. As of January 24th each dog is safe and sound in their forever home with the loving soldier who rescued them and their family. Check out these fantastic updates we’ve received!

From Iraq to Arizona, Khanjar loves running around with SGT Jeremy’s family.

Chuck and Hank are two brothers who were born in Iraq. They are now living in Florida and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the soldier who rescued them. (He is still on deployment in Iraq.)

From the Middle East to the hustle and bustle of New York, Syri is thrilled to be cuddling up to CPL Danny every night.

Georgia is a lot greener than the Middle East. Al Waha loves lying in the grass and all of the attention CPL Robert’s family has to offer. 

Syri has forgotten all about the hot desert where she’s from, she has taken to snowy upstate New York like a fish to water. 

After being rescued from near death in Syria  Lucky is enjoying a more laid back lifestyle in Tennessee.

Rokey is enjoying the Vegas life and he can’t wait for the U.S. contractor who rescued him from Baghdad to join him in his new home. 

The mountains and forests of Oregon are too much fun for Korra. She loves going on daily runs with the soldier who rescued her from Syria

Clarksville, Tennessee isn’t like Iraq at all, and Socks loves it. She is counting the days until her soldier returns from deployment.

Life just outside of Nashville is great. Tank loves his new yard and being with his soldier and his family.

Athena is enjoying the cold weather in Ohio. She loves playing in her new home with her forever family. 

Max is having the time of his life in his forever home in Wisconsin. From the snow to the cheese to his loving soldier he can’t believe how lucky he is.

The cool pacific-northwest air suits Baloo just fine. He is enjoying his forever home near Olympia, Washington.

Eos is so happy to be in her forever home in Tennessee with the Staff Sergeant who rescued her in Iraq.

Annabelle was over the moon when she was reunited with Joey, the soldier who rescued her, and his family. She couldn’t ask for a better home in North Carolina. 

Peanut loves all the treats she’s getting at her forever home in Florida, especially when Jonathan, the U.S. Army veteran who rescued her, is the one feeding them to her!

The green grass and blue skies of North Carolina are great for Rocket. He loves playing in his new yard with the soldier who rescued him and his family. 

Hanna loves all of the toys and the big yard in her forever home. She couldn’t be happier to be in Tennessee with SGT Michael.

Pig Pen is having so much fun running around with the other dogs in her forever home

Chilly Chicago is a lot of fun for Apollo. He loves going on walks with the soldier who rescued him and smelling all of the new city smells.

Nala and Syga were rescued by their soldier in Lebanon. They love their new home together with their soldier in Illinois.

Sheriff is all smiles at his forever home in Illinois with the sergeant who rescued him.