Feline Feature: OBP: Worldwide Rescue Cats

 By Emma Koeniger, SPCAI Content and Digital Media Coordinator


This month SPCA International transported eight cats from the Middle East to their forever homes in the United States. These friendly felines were rescued by military service members and government contractors who were on deployment in the Middle East. The rescue logistics were challenging, but these combat cats love their new lives!





 Cheeto (2).jpg


Cheetoh’s comfy chair in Washington state is a far cry from the streets of Iraq. He is all purrs in his forever home with the Air Force veteran who became his best bud.


meat dough 3-1.jpeg

Meat Dough is thrilled to once again be perched on the shoulder of the Army Officer who saved her. She loves playing in her new home in Tennessee.



Princess Jasmine is learning that Oregon is a little colder than the Middle East. Luckily there are so many cozy spots in her forever home with the Army Officer who rescued her.


Dan 3 (1).jpg

Dan is enjoying life in Georgia. He is so happy to be back in the arms of the Army Lieutenant who found Dan abandoned by his mother on the streets of Iraq.



Midnight and her three kittens, Simba, Nala and Aslan, couldn’t ask for more now that they are in their forever home in Texas. We’re so glad they get to spend the rest of their lives with the Air Force Lieutenant that rescued them from the verge of death in Iraq, nursed them to health and refused to leave them behind.