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Noobu is on the Mend

Thanks to the many people who stood up to support Noobu, she is healing.

Sweet Noobu was found on the streets of Borneo with a fresh and gruesome wound. Someone had hacked her nose off. We think she might have been protecting her puppies because two of them were with her.

This terrible act angered locals. Several people offered rewards for information, but no one came forward.

Thankfully, our partner organization in Borneo was able to give Noobu the specialized medical care she needed to live. Noobu also had surgery to keep her nostrils open so she can smell.

All of this specialized care was expensive. That is why every SPCA International supporter is so important. Every single person who donated for Noobu’s care contributed to keeping her alive.

Today, Noobu’s pups have been adopted into loving homes where they will be safe. Noobu is now eating and drinking well. Amazingly, she is happy, kind and loving.

Unfortunately, Noobu’s life will never be the same. Her appearance might scare people, and her health will need to be constantly monitored.

Here at SPCA International, we are looking forward to the day when Noobu finds a loving forever family of her own. When she does, we’ll let you know.

Noobu continues to receive veterinary treatment from SPCA International’s partner, IAPWA, as part of her journey to full recovery. Her puppies are all placed in loving homes and she is currently doing really well. Your support for her has made a big difference!